In Poplar class we are looking forward to a summer term full of independence building, and employment skills. We are continuing to visit the shops, with some of us navigating the shop completely independently whilst consolidating our skills. Shopping is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to use their reading and mathematical skills in real life contexts such as looking at timetables, finding items in shops, working out costs and time management. Please note some weekly activities that make require additional items/clothing from home; Tuesday – Forest Schools (Make sure coats and wellies are sent in) and afterschool cricket Wednesday – Swimming (For some groups – emails will be sent out with dates) Thursday – Shopping and cooking (bring gold cards) and Yoga afterschool club Friday – Sports Hall


Encourage your child to answer your house/mobile phone to practise this skill in other contexts. We have been doing lots of phone calls in class, and pupils have really shown development in this area.

Friends relationships and community

We are going to look at some more trips within our community, such as regular trips to the shops, leisure centre, in addition to some one off trips to places of interest. We will be continuing to look at online safety, as well as looking at friendships/boundaries to consolidate our understanding.

Independent living

Our pupils are always encouraged to read the recipes to create dishes that they can do mostly independently. We are going to be recapping our grilling skills that we practised earlier in the year, to see what skills we have remembered. Your child can practise (with supervision) this at home.

Good health

We continue to visit the sports hall on Friday’s – please remember your PE kits! We also have swimming on occasion. In addition to our cooking lessons, we will be looking at how to make dishes healthier, and what forms a healthy diet.


Every Monday morning, Poplar class do a fantastic job delivering the breakfasts to all 18 classes in school! This includes looking at the order form, collecting the items, checking them off and delivering. We have also been accurately separating the fridge from the cupboard items to further develop understanding of how to store different foods. In addition to this, pupils will continue to complete jobs around the school such as litter picking, child care, and various cleaning jobs. Alongside this we will be looking at job skills such as interview skills and job search.

We absolutely love and cherish hearing and seeing what you get up to at home .Please remember to email us and send pictures and videos of the things you do together. We want to share all successes and joy, big and small!

 You can email on our class email address.

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