Hello from the Conkers class team!

We are Conkers class. This MER we will continuing our learning to become as independent as possible. We will continue our shopping and park visits  to collect our ingredients for cooking during the week. This MER we will be making biscuits before easter and toasted sandwiches, trying different fillings.  

We will also be going to places in our community, we are also visiting different parks and going on  new adventures, more information will follow. 

Please make sure your child has a hat and water bottle everyday with the very changing weather.  


Please encourage us to talk about our day when we are at home. Use photos on BOOP to support us.  

Friends, relationships and community

We will be continuing our NSPCC work using Pantasaurus to support us in the classroom, you can support your child at home by talking to them about the importance of keeping your private areas private.  

We will be discussing families and friendships and how these can be different.   

We will continue to play games with our peers in the classroom. This MER we are playing musical chairs, hide and seek, board games and lots more.  

Independent living

Road safety is very important to us.  

To help us at home, Please encourage us to show you our skills by letting us find a safe place to cross on a familiar road.  

Also, encourage us to look at different text in the community eg signs and symbols, aisle labels, menus and leaflets.  

Good health

PE sessions we will be using the sensory circuit and working on different ball skills for our coordination and gross motor skill development.  


We have worked hard on washing our hands and brushing our teeth regularly. We will about visit continue to talk about visiting the dentist, hairdressers and doctors and how they can help us.  


Whilst in the community we see lots of people we talk about their jobs. Please keep visiting places with us when at home and talk about different jobs.  

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.