Hello from the Sycamore class team!

We are Sycamore class, this MER we are continuing to work on our transitions, on Mondays we will be transitioning to the hall to participate in sensory circuit and the sensory room for exploration and regulation. Throughout the MER we will continue to explore sensory stories including ‘we’re going on a owl’ relating to the pupils interest in the bear hunt story, we also be relating this the season and the weather changes. Our immersive themes are based on a few of our favourites including fruit and vegetable week, farm, jungle and sponge weekOn Fridays we will continue to participate in cooking activities we will be developing our mixing skills and tasting different textures by making jelly and custard, we will be using warm water and milk to help pupils to understand safety. In Sycamore we will be continuing to develop our self-help skills through dressing and undressing opportunities, finding our coats and washing our hands regularly throughout the day. On Wednesdays we will be taking part in some new and exciting learning opportunities including yoga, narrative and drumming circle. 


In our classroom environment we are continuing to use minimal spoken language and promote a quiet, calm environment we often play calming sounds to help prevent full silence. We will be continuing to implement the schools total communication approach by using Makaton signing, minimal language and visuals. 

Please continue to encourage your child to use core Makaton signs at home, if you would like any pointing boards making for home let us know.  

Friends, relationships and community

Thank you all for the lovely family photos, the pupils are enjoying finding their family and sharing these with peers. To continue this interest at home talk to your child about their family and share photos from their adventures. You could also share photos from your child’s school day from BOOP and talk about their day. 

Independent living

During snack time and  meal time we are continuing to set up the table by laying out place mats with the pupils photos on, the pupils then find their seat at the table. A few of our pupils are starting to help set up the table, why not try this during meal times at home. 


We will continue to encourage pupils to spread their own bread, toast, bagel and crackers giving them a choice of butter or cheese spread promoting communication opportunities, why not try this at home. 

Good health

As the weather is changing we are encouraging pupils to understand what they need to wear when going outside. Why not give your child a choice of a sun hat or a coat and see if they can identify which item they need to wear according to the weather. 


Encourage your child to try something new! For example, visiting a new park or going to the shop. 

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.