We are Willow class, in this MER we are thinking about the different events that are happening at this time of year and what we may do in order to celebrate these events. We will be looking at the change within the seasons (how the trees are developing buds and leaves, flowers are sprouting) alongside looking at the weather – warmer weather and what we might need to wear. We will be looking at basic cooking skills in sensory cooking such as chopping, cutting, using our senses to explore the food items. Going shopping and developing shopping skills to find the items for cooking. Alongside this, children will be using their initiative to find items needed when in school to support with our cooking, finding plates, cutlery, food items. Willow class will be developing skills such as communication, listening, shared play, making choices and being involved in 1:1 and small group activities.


Encourage your child to have a voice and to share their wants and needs be it through voice, PECs or communication boards.

Friends, relationships and community

Encourage your child to do activities with family or friends, through simple sensory exploration or something more advanced.

Independent living

Help with cooking – can you help spread some butter on toast? – model first and let them have go. Learning to dress myself and make good choices with regards to clothing and the change in seasons. What is a good outfit, what isn’t a good outfit for this weather?

Good health

Encourage your child to wash their hands before eating and trying new foods. Encourage your child to support with changing and dressing, alongside intimate care trying to be more independent.


Encourage your child to try something new, go somewhere new or play something new. Allow them to follow simple instructions with some prompts where needed

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