Hello from the Willow class team!

Overview: in Willow class, we are going to be using a book a week as a stimulus for our learning and try a variety of activities around the theme. This will help us to develop links and make connections between skills and ideas. It will also provide us with opportunities to overlearn themes and stories and skills so that we can develop our confidence and become super familiar with vocabulary, images and processes.


We are using lots of makaton signs and keep revisiting old ones in line with new signs, so that we are recapping and over learning common skills. We are using a variety of signs, symbols and boards to help us ask for things and understand what is now and next, therefore supporting us with transition.

Friends, relationships and community

We are learning to play independently for short bursts of time and to engage with our friends and share activities and games. We are learning about our communities by travelling to familiar places in different modes of transport and engaging with people at the supermarket, cafes and the farm and learning to ask and pay for things in preparation for when we get older.

Independent living

We are learning to count and associate a number of things with a given number and some of us will be learning about counting up and down from  a given number and to recognise numbers in familiar places ie: numbers on birthday cards. We are continuing to learn to shop for items and then use them to cook and create simple food dishes. We are also learning to choose from a variety of items for breakfast and snack and prepare what we want using a selection of items such as a knife to spread butter or spoon to eat yoghurt. We will also be getting used to changing ourselves for PE.

Good health

We are recognising when we need the toilet more consistently and where possible ask for support in this or use the toilet independently. We will also be learning about making more healthy choices and recognise the things we need to stay healthy such as drinking in order to stay hydrated.


We will be developing skills such as shopping, tasks to help in class such as sorting resources or being safe in forest school, so that we are more aware, in preparation for adulthood.

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.