Hello from the Hazel class team!

We are Hazel class this MER we are focussing on us and our community, different job roles and also ways of looking after ourselves. We are hoping to visit the library, shops on the high street, some different  cafes and other places within our local area.. We will be going to West Park Leisure Centre on Wednesdays and will have PE on Fridays so please send in a names P.E kit(shorts and tshirt). We will also be learning to prepare and cook a variety of simple meals from scratch to extend the skills we have been working on already. We will also be planning and creating some careers related events and projects to help us prepare for jobs in the future.


Encourage your child to ask for help in a shop or order their own food if you go to a cafe or restaurant. Also encourage them to say where you are going on the bus or train.

Friends relationships and community

Look at pictures from past events, can your child recall what happened, you can also ask them how they felt in the pictures or say how you were feeling at the time. Also encourage them to talk about their friends within school and discuss with them when they’ve had a great time with friends and possible solutions for disagreements. We have a big focus upon kindness so also encourage pupils to consider kindness towards others.

Independent living

Can your child help make a meal, could they have a go at making something you regularly have or even try making something new. Encourage them to be as independent as possible and help them using utensils safely and correctly. We can let you know what we are making in school for you to have a go at making this at home.

Good health

Talk about simple care routines when we cut or hurt ourselves. Discuss and encourage the need for cleanliness and hygiene throughout the day.


Encourage your child to try something new, visit a new park or try a new activity of hobby. Also talk with them about different jobs within the community and different skills those jobs need.

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.