At Brackenfield SEND School, we support our students to reach their potential and become functionally and emotionally literate young adults. Through a curriculum with functional life skills at its core, we develop young adults who can safely navigate and contribute to society- with independence appropriate to their needs. We are fully committed to the safeguarding of all pupils which is embedded through all aspects of school life and strong home-school links. We develop pupil voice to enable our students to make positive choices, share their opinions and preferences whilst demonstrating an understanding of British Values. Through character education we support our pupils’ development and self-recognition of character, alongside providing a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give our young people the knowledge, self-belief and cultural capital they need to succeed and be happy in life.

Ethos: Our School Values


Caring for each other
Helping each other
Wearing our uniforms


Trying our hardest
Treating everyone fairly
Listening to each other

Be Brave

Never giving up
Trying even when we find something hard
Telling the truth