Hello from the Beech class team!

MER 2 Beech class activities

Beech class are developing their independence by making their own breakfast and snack each day including operating the toaster with support, spreading and pouring liquids. Please allow your child to practice these skills at home with support to develop their independence.

We will be practicing our travel training and road safety skills when out in the community and visiting local parks.

We will also visit the local shop to practice our money and shopping skills.

We are planning trips to local farms (Lanes garden centre and Hooks Dairy farm), cafes and parks which we will inform you about closer to the time.

In cooking, we will be making bagel/ pitta pizzas, jacket potatoes and pasta with some prompts and support. We will also be making angel delight and Jelly over the next few weeks.  Please let us know if you do not want your child to try/ eat any items.

We have started swimming again from 21st September.

We have forest schools and gardening sessions on Tuesday.


We are working on expressing wants and need and answering Blank level 2 (Describing things – who, what where, description),  Blank level  3 (Re-telling events) and Blank level 4 (Justifying Why) questions in class.  See more information here.

Please encourage your child at home to express their wants and needs and answer Blank level questions.

Friends relationships and community:

We are playing structured games in class such as pairs, Dobble and Connect 4 to work on our social skills and turn taking. Why not try out one of these games at home.

Beech class are enjoying visiting the local parks including operating the swing themselves by moving their legs back and forth, try visiting a local park by foot if possible and see what you find using our scavenger hunt or I spy sheet.

Independent living:

We are learning where food is stored, to tidy up after ourselves and how to prepare own breakfast, snack and simple meal. Cooking or heating up items in a microwave such as beans or spaghetti hoops and making scrambled egg. Try  out our scrambled egg recipe here.

Go for a walk in the local area regularly and allow your child to lead the way back home and become more familiar with the roads and places near your house

Good health:

We are working on recognising their sensory needs such as using sensory equipment, movement breaks and fidgets when needed.

We will also work on personal hygiene including the importance of washing regularly, hair care and hand hygiene.

We have also been working on ball skills including throwing balls at a target, dribbling, kicking, and passing balls.


We are learning to identify things we are good and to follow familiar routines and multi-step instructions.

We are also developing practical English skills such as reading signs and packaging in shops, pointing boards and following symbolled recipes. Here are some recipes to try at home: Angel delight in millilitres or cups and Jelly in millilitres or cups.

The practical maths skills that we are working on are recognising coins and exchanging money for item in the community and recognising times during the day (morning, afternoon and hours).

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.