Hello from the Beech class team!

We are Beech class and during MER 4 we will be learning to explore new items and activities through our Fun Box, Sensology and play sessions. We will continue to develop our communication skills through gesture, symbols and pointing boards during breakfast, play and singing and throughout the day. We will be transitioning to different areas of school in order to explore play alongside different peers and try a range of activities. This will include going on the Brack Track, Sensory park, ball pit, soft play, sensory circuits in the hall and sensory rooms. We will be tasting new foods during our food tasting sessions and developing our balance and gross motor skills during yoga and dance. Family learning: please see below for ways in which you can extend what your child is doing in school at home. Please remember to let us know what you get up to at home we love to hear about fantastic moments and see any pictures. You can email on our class email address or post onto Boop.


Give them choices- hold out two drinks or two toys and encourage them to choose one of them. Use keywords such as ‘toilet’, ‘help’ and ‘more’ when supporting them with tasks. Please think about any symbols that would be useful for you at home and email us so we can make these for you.

Friends relationships and community:

Look at photos of your family and say the name of different people in the pictures. Say what people around your child are doing e.g. “Mummy is reading the book” or “Nana is eating dinner”.

Independent living:

Support your child to pour a drink, put cereals into their bowl or spread butter onto toast during breakfast. Can they choose their own clothes if you give them a choice if two t-shirts or two pairs of socks?

Good health:

Support your child to wash their hands a or use hand gel. If they are not keen on brushing their teeth encourage them to smell the toothpaste or hold the brush so they get used to the feel of it.


Encourage your child to explore new toys and activities at home. This can include tasting new foods, looking at a new book, going to a new place or listening to different music.

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.