In Laurel class, we are putting a focus on independence and self-help skills this MER, from small, everyday tasks such as opening their own food containers and using a microwave, to larger, more significant life skills such as tidying their own space, exchanging money, reading and writing. The Laurel classroom is full of young people with quickly developing interpersonal skills, that we as their trusted school adults, want to nurture and mature in preparation for adulthood. In Literacy focused sessions such as Squiggle while you Wiggle, Narrative and Phonics, we aim to enrich our pupils’ reading and writing skills by combining engagement, high energy and fun with activities tailored to suit the developmental age range of our pupils. Mathematics lessons take a carousel approach, with the free flow atmosphere proving very attractive to the pupils and actually inspiring them to push their own intellectual boundaries in order to develop their skills. Our pupils are given weekly opportunities to leave school and access the wider community, in order to practice salient life skills like exchanging money, reading community signs and engaging in conversations with safe members of the public.



We are aiming to widen our pupils abilities to communicate with their peers and adults, so please encourage your children to use Makaton signs and choosing boards where necessary (we are happy to provide resources).

Friends relationships and community

Many of our pupils targets focus on building relationships with peers and engaging in safe and appropriate conversations/play with them. Please reinforce to your child how to interact appropriately with peers and encourage them to speak with unfamiliar people where possible – perhaps by asking a member of staff in the supermarket for help or striking up a conversation with the cashier.

Independent living

Our focus is on independence this MER, so please encourage your child to do as much as they possibly can at home or out in the community. We love it when our pupils answer the phone or prepare their own snacks/drinks.

Good health

Our RSE sessions are focused on consent and boundaries, as well as puberty and safe relationships this MER. We aim to empower our pupils so that they know what is appropriate and inappropriate out in the community. More importantly, our pupils are exposed to the idea that they have agency over their own choices and their own bodies. Please reinforce these ideas at home, and don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if there is any way we can help


Laurel class are given opportunities to be independent and enrich their own experiences with trips out of school and onsite enrichment sessions, whereupon they are encouraged to venture out and try new activities with a variety of peers. Please encourage your children to step out of their comfort zone and visit a new place/try a new experience.

If you have any good news stories please email them to and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.