Hello from the Acorns class team!

Family learning: please see below for ways in which you can extend what your child is doing in school at home.

Hello, we are Acorns class! For MER2 we are focusing on building a foundation of communication for all our pupils, with an added emphasis on building tolerance around peers. We use various immersive themes including herbs and spices week, shaving foam week, fabric and blankets week, fruit and veg week, playdough week and many more to facilitate learning and explore new stimuli that makes us happy. Every day, we partake in a plethora of play activities initiated by our pupils’ own interests and motivators. The Acorns are learning to be confident individuals who can make their own choices and regulate themselves whenever they are upset. Will you help us?


Encourage your child to make choices at home using photographs or symbols (please feel free to speak to Mr Allen if you would like some specific ones made for you). Perhaps you could start by presenting them with an image of something they like whilst they can see it, then build on from there by adding choices. Use the noises and gestures your children to make to build on their communication skills. Respond with some noises and gestures of your own.

Friends, relationships and community

Sit down and do an activity at home, a simple art activity with some colouring or messy play will do! Encourage your child to join in by bringing your masterpiece over to them or making some positive affirmations in the form of ‘happy noises’ to draw them in. Encourage some basic turn taking with toys at home. When your child is playing with something, let’s say blocks, go over and join in. Say ‘my turn’ and build your own stack, then continue with ‘your turn’. If your child has siblings, encourage sharing and turn taking

Independent living

A huge priority in our class is food exploration. Try some food tasting at home by placing some familiar and unfamiliar foods in bowls/whatever receptacle they usually eat from and encourage them to taste test. If they show some interest, draw attention to the various textures and smells of the food. Fancy a trip to the park? The shops? The doctors (hopefully not)? The petrol station? Encourage your child to join you on these adventures to further develop their transition skills. Use objects of reference such as a coat, wellies or shopping bag depending on your destination.

Good health

It is important to us that the Acorns pupils are safe and hygienic. Encourage your children to wash their hands at any appropriate time. Not a fan of the tap? Not to worry, simply fill a bowl of messy play receptacle with soapy water and some toys! As they explore, they clean…everyone’s a winner!

Please remember to let us know what you get up to at home we love to hear about fantastic moments and see any pictures. You can email on our class email address. 

If you have any good news stories please email them to and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.