Hello from the Rowan class team!

This term we are continuing with extended our preferences, feeling safe at school, creating relationships with adults and peers. Play is a main part of the offer we extended to our pupils daily and we are constantly trying to figure out new ways to play and embedded communication within this.


Communication as always is embedded throughout the day in Rowan but we do have targeted sessions where communication plays a key role in the learning objectivities. At home you could always try to keep your language to a minimum only using key words to convey instructions or exclaim about something happening. Always try and use objects of reference to help communicate your wants and needs, Shoes, nappy, coat, plate all work to help show a child what you expect of them

Friends, relationships and community

As we are all new to the class we will be discovering what our new peers are like and how best we can support relationships in the class. At home try to get your child to enjoy regular visits to places of interest, swimming, playgrounds, woods, build it into your routine so they understand the routine of going out to familiar places.

Independent living

One of the best things that we can offer in regards to independent living is time! Give your child the time to make decisions for themselves, back chaining approach to more practical activities like putting on shoes/coat/trousers. Time is what gives our pupils the opportunity to be as independent as possible.

Good health

Knowing our own boundaries and sensory needs is key to being a regulated learner. At home you could try to ensure your child is regulated by allowing to make choices about what activities to do. They may wants to climb on objects, eat a variety of tastes, have a foot massage, listen to what sounds are made when they hit certain objects. Look at what they are seeking and try to give them opportunities to realise these sensory needs

Please remember to let us know what you get up to at home we love to hear about fantastic moments and see any pictures. You can email on our class email address or use BOOP to share these moments.

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.