Hello from the Rowan class team!

This MER in Rowan class we are continuing to find out our preferred motivators, may this be actual objects or places we enjoy visiting. Transitions around school are really encouraged this MER as we begin to think about the beginning of the new term and new spaces we may go to next year. As always we encourage the most independence possible and knowledge of the children in the class we ‘read’ behaviours to ensure they are comfortable but appropriately challenged.


Support choice making by always offering your child an alternative or a choice, even when you know they just want a yogurt. It helps build up confidence in looking at what is on offer and can help with the ability to make valid choices.

Friends, relationships and community

The luminarium is current at Mansfield, this is a fantastic experience suitable for all abilities. Timisien Luminarium by Architects of Air – Mansfield Palace Theatre

Independent living

Back chaining ideas. Back Chaining is a great way to learn new skills have a look at this NHS guidance 416-dressing-skills-2.pdf (leicspart.nhs.uk)

Good health

We all need to use our senses and this is how we learn about the world around use. We do Sensology (sensory workout) at school daily. You could try to replicate this at home. Use a box with 5 items which may alert each sense, present each object and demonstrate how to engage with it. i.e. eat the object for taste, smell of the object

Please remember to let us know what you get up to at home we love to hear about fantastic moments and see any pictures. You can email on our class email address or use BOOP to share these moments.

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.