Hello from the Rowan class team!


We are Rowan class this MER we are thinking about us and our community, we are hoping to spend time out in the community each week. We will develop independence in dressing, giving students additional time to put on their outerwear before we head off to explore local parks such as Petersham and West Park. We will be doing Sensory Workouts each Tuesday in the Hall and Forest Schools on Thursdays.  We will be having daily Attention Autism sessions where we are developing our ability to focus on a task or activity. You can search Gina Davies Attention Autism On YouTube to find out more!  We will also be developing our independence in personal care by incorporating brushing teeth into our morning routine each day and encouraging independence with personal hygiene, including a pamper day!

Family learning: please see below for ways in which you can extend what your child is doing in school at home.


Offer options to your child, this can work particularly well at meal times.  Offer up to three items and encourage them to communicate their preference.

Friends, relationships and community

Look together at pictures on BOOP of activities that your child has been involved in.  Can you encourage your child to try something new, visit a new park or try a new activity?

Independent living

Allow some additional time for students to dress themselves independently.  Is there an item of clothing which you could spend time on each day to practice on this particular item?  For example a student might work on putting their own socks on?

Good health

Continue to practice brushing teeth at home in the morning and before bed, allowing some extra time for students to do this independently.

Please remember to let us know what you get up to at home we love to hear about fantastic moments and see any pictures. You can email on our class email address or use BOOP to share these moments.

If you have any good news stories please email them to parents@brackenfield.derbyshire.sch.uk and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.