In Elm class we will be exploring different weekly immersive themes as part of exploring what pupils enjoy and widening their interests. These will include blocks, jelly, dinosaurs, blocks, rice, fruit and veg, ribbons, glitter, bottles and containers, foil and clingfilm, pasta. Staff will be supporting pupils to make choices with objects, pictures, signing and symbols for pupils to communicate their choices. We will be developing skills in transitioning to different spaces by accessing forest school, sensory room, sensory park, Brack Track and other classrooms for enrichment. We will also be visiting places outside of school such as the local park and shop and developing independent living skills. We will be supporting pupils to be aware of road side safety and crossing the road safely. In school we will be continuing to focus on independence skills and supporting pupils to complete a wider range of tasks themselves, rather than relying on adult help


Giving a range of simple choices such as different snacks, cereals at breakfast, toys to play with. Simple Makaton signs to support communication such as ‘more’, ‘help’, ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There are great videos on YouTube that demonstrate Makaton signing. Use the keyrings and pointing boards that have been sent home and please let us know if there are any other symbols you would like us to make.

Friends, relationships and community

Visiting places they enjoy such as parks, playgrounds or the swimming pool. We would like photos of families sending in – thanks to those of you who have done this. We will print these off and share them with pupils to help develop their communication about family and places they enjoy. Show them the photos we send home on Boop to see if they show interest in the people in their class.

Independent living

We have been working on getting shoes and wellies on independently. Please support using cutlery at home during meal times. Using a butter knife to cut up fruits and vegetables will help develop fine motor skills. Help support them to pour from jugs and bottles as practice will mean they can get better at not spilling.

Good health

Help pupils to begin to wash themselves with less support, for example shampooing their own hair or brushing teeth. We have been working on washing hands after going outside and after messy play

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