As Part of our Careers Programme, pupils have expressed an interest in setting up different types of businesses over the school year. Pupils will involve the other children in school, staff and parents in their business ventures.

The purpose of the  activities is to expose pupils to the following concepts:

  • Utilising strengths in a group and working together
  • Organising and leading events/ projects with a clear purpose
  • Building a simple business plan, with a clear goal and steps to the goal
  • Enriching activities to explore interests and preferences
  • Making choices and communicating with different people

Pupils will be making a range of products to be sold here on our website; woodturning products, cards and calendars, candles and pamper boxes to name a few!

All funds raised will support enrichment opportunities for the pupils themselves.

Here is the price list:

Here are photos of the items:

Month September October November December January
Simple fundraising Event: Food Bank


Whole School Exposure Winter Fayre
Online Enterprise Event: Woodturning
Cards and Decorations
Event: Candles


Month February March April May June
Simple fundraising Event: Food Bank


Event: Food Bank

Event: Art Gallery

Event: Food Bank

Event: Talent Show

Event: Food Bank

Event: Family Picnic

Event: Food Bank

Event: Ice Cream Sale

Whole School Exposure Event: Horticulture groups
Online Enterprise  Woodturning
Event: seedlings and pots
Services for Sale Event: Decode Garage; Staff car simple MOT / valeting