Welcome to Hickory Class!

We are Hickory class, this MER we are thinking about the different events that are happening at this time of year (autumn, Halloween, fireworks, thanksgiving) and what we may do in order to celebrate. We will be looking at change within the seasons (how the trees are starting to change colours and the leaves begin to drop off), looking at foods for this time of year (pumpkins).

We will be doing messy play to incorporate the different activities (spare clothes may be wanted to put in your childs bag just in case!).

We will be looking at basic cooking skills in sensory cooking such as mixing, spreading, chopping, pouring, grating and using our senses to explore the food items.

We will also be having weekly Attention Autism sessions where we are looking at stage 1 (focusing attention), stage 2 (sustaining attention) and in some circumstances stage 3 (shifting attention). You can search Gina Davies Attention Autism On youtube to find out more! 

We will be developing skills such as communication, listening, shared play, making choices and being involved in 1:1 and small group activities



Encourage your child to say the different colours they see on the trees (yellows, oranges, browns, greens) – autumnal.

Encourage your child to explore the foods for this time of year (pumpkins).

Encourage your child to look at the different colours and patterns in the fireworks, what do they see?

Friends, relationships and community

With pumpkins work together on carving a pumpkin or making a funny face on them.

Go to a firework display (or watch from the window) look at the different patterns and colours that you can see.

Independent living

Help with cooking – can you help spread some butter on toast? – model first and let them have go.

Learning to dress myself and make good choices with regards to clothing and the change in seasons (wrapping up warm). What is a good outfit, what isn’t a good outfit?

Good health

Encourage your child to wash hands before eating.

Encourage your child to support with changing and dressing.


Encourage your child to try something new, go somewhere new or play something new.