We are Hickory class.  

This MER we will continuing our learning to become as independent as possible. We will continue our trips into the community visiting parks, cafes and bowling. PE will be every Wednesday. please send in your child’s PE clothes. Every child will be practicing dressing and undressing skills.  

Forest school is on a Friday.  

Please make sure your child has a water bottle every day. We access outdoor learning every day and use outside spaces to support our sensory seeking needs, please ensure they have clothes suitable for all weathers and a change of clothes in their bags.  



Please talk to us about our day. Use photos on BOOP to support.  

Please support our understanding using symbols and signing. If you need support in making these, please let class staff know, they will be happy to help.

Friends, relationships and community

During world about me we will be looking at the changes in weather, playing with peers and exploring different areas of our community.  

Please continue to share your activities with us through BOOP.

Independent living

Cooking, let your child prepare a meal with you, using different utensils is great for our fine and gross motor skills.  

In school we are learning to prepare toasties, please practice these skills with us at home.  

Good health

PE sessions we will be using the sensory circuit, supporting our gross motor skills. As well as yoga and bike sessions.  


We have worked hard on washing our hands. This MER we are concentrating on the importance of keeping our teeth clean. We will be brushing our teeth once a day at school to support our learning


We are working towards following a one-step instruction or symbols strip to learn new tasks. Please share let us help around the house wiping the table after meals or picking up our toys.