Hello from the Ash class team!

In Ash class we follow an informal curriculum. In MER 2 we will be following our weekly immersive themes and finding out our likes and dislikes and working on our individual PLIs.  We communicate using communication boards, simple sentences, and PECs. We use Makaton signing too! We do regular call and response, attention autism and sensory story sessions to support ash class pupils with their communication. Our choosing box session supports us with our commutation skills to. We choose what we would like to play with which is supported by communication boards. We will also be visiting local parks and soft play; we practice transitions by going to different places in school too. We will be accessing the sensory circuits here at school and having sessions such as Yoga and hand massage in class


At home, you could practise requesting favourite items using Makaton, words or symbols depending on your child’s preferred methods. Let us know if you would like any resources to help with this.

Friends, relationships and community

We will be practising shopping in our local Coop. This includes having a shopping list, finding items, handing them over and paying. We are also practising waiting in a queue even when we are very excited. You would try this out in shops near to you.

Independent living

We are practising making snacks and meals that we could make in school. You could practise these at home including pizza on a wrap base and toast with different toppings.

Good health

Washing hands after messy play, before eating and after going to the toilet are things we are practising, so hopefully we should be able to show this at home too.


Ash class have lots of time to explore favourite activities, we are also practising focusing on activities that other people have chosen. Why not try something new at home and let us know how you get on?

If you have any good news stories please email them to and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.