Hello from the Ash class team!

This MER in Ash we are going to be exploring a range of different immersive themes including shapes, faces and feelings, bodies, fruit and veg, vehicles and garden wildlife. As usual all our activities will be linked into these including our sensory stories, Attention Autism, sensory workout and our sensory art and cooking lessons. Ash Class have really enjoyed exploring the books linked to our sensory stories and these and some others in our classroom. Some of us will be out and about exploring different cafes and some of us will be practising transitioning to different spaces in school. We will keep you updated with things that are happening on Boop, but as always we love to hear about what happens at home too so feel free to add your own things on Boop, or drop us a line via our Ash Class Email or comment on what we’ve been up to.


This MER we are especially concentrating on practising our Makaton signing. It is really supportive even for those of us who use words confidently. Part of the Makaton approach is that the grown ups talk at the same time as they sign. Mrs Lawrence shared some lovely Makaton links in the newsletter. If you want to explore more the Singing Hands Channel on Youtube and Kids Youtube has some lovely resources including topic guides to teach you some of the signs and lovely stories and songs. We use some of the songs in our music sessions.

Friends, relationships and community

We are getting really good at recognising our friends in class and some of us now use their names which is lovely. As part of our faces and feelings theme it would be lovely to have some photos of family faces as well so please feel free to send us some in. Some children might like looking at their photos on Boop and pointing to or telling you the names of their friends or the grown ups in the photos.

Independent living

In our cooking we will be making pancake faces with lots of healthy toppings and then making noodles and veg as that was something we seemed to really love when we had a test run for Lunar New Year. We are practising washing or wiping our hands before cooking and eating and after going to the toilet or getting our hands dirty. Practising that at home or sharing tips for ways that really work at your end would be lovely.

Good health

One of our themes this term is bodies, which we learn about all the time including through some of our songs. Quite a lot of Ash Class are getting to the age where our bodies start to change so we will be doing some individual work around that. We will be in touch with families to discuss this and share resources. There will also be a coffee morning in May which focuses on developing understanding of puberty with our pupils and useful materials to share.


We will be continuing to practise taking turns and focusing our attention in activities like sensory workout and Attention Autism. Attention Autism is often called ‘ Bucket Time’ in class. If you want to find out more a quick internet search for Gina Davies and Attention Autism comes up with lots of information including videos and ideas you can try at home.

If you have any good news stories please email them to and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.