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Brackenfield School recognises the importance of children wearing a school uniform. We believe that our school uniform plays a valuable role in encouraging group identity and instils pride and belonging. We also believe it helps prepare our children for future life where many job roles require a uniform to be worn.

The school uniform consists of:

  • Grey or black trousers or skirts
  • A white or light blue polo shirt
  • A plain white sleeved shirt
  • In the summer grey or black shorts may be worn but they must tailored shorts as opposed to sports shorts. There is also the option of a gingham blue dress.
  • Black school shoes 
  • Dark blue sweatshirt (this must not have a hood). If your child already has a royal blue sweatshirt this does not need to be changed. When your child has grown out of the royal blue sweatshirt please then replace with a navy blue sweatshirt. 

PE Kit:

  • Trainers or Pumps
  • A white or blue t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Blue shorts / jogging bottoms / tracksuit bottoms
  • A dark blue sweatshirt or a zipped hooded sweatshirt. Please note that if your child does want to wear a zipped hooded sweatshirt we only allow the Brackenfield hooded sweatshirts which are available from Simply First. A hooded top must only be worn for PE. 

Jewellery and nails:

  • Single stud earrings – 1 per ear. Earrings must be removed for PE.
  • Nails should be a short length (not extending over the tip of the finger) and only neutral colours of nail varnish are allowed

Uniform with the embroidered school logo can be purchased from either Simply First or My Clothing via the contact details below.

Simply First:
200 derby Road, Stapleford, NG9 7AY. Telephone: 07514327807. 

My Clothing: 0800 069 9949 

Please note, Tesco are no longer providing embroidered school uniforms as of February 2019

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