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Hello from the Willow class team!

We are Willow class and this MER, we are continuing to focus on developing positive relationships with our peers and also people in our local community. Communication is key to us being able to access the world and so we work very hard on a range of strategies. We want to be as independent as possible to prepare us for adulthood and so we work very hard on building basic skills such as dressing, using the toilet and preparing our own breakfast and snack. In our ‘World about Me’ sessions we are learning about the seasons and so will be exploring the outdoor areas and looking at nature. We also have a weekly book theme which encourages us to develop a love of books.



It is so important to us to be able to communicate our wants and needs effectively; with familiar and unfamiliar peers and adults. We are developing a range of strategies such as the use of Makaton, pointing boards and PECs where needed. It is important that we can be as independent as possible and to express our needs and wants.

Friends, relationships and community  


Developing positive friendships and relationships is something we work at all the time, in Willow. We learn to accept peers in our space and to play alongside our peers. We are supported by adults to resolve differences and to try to understand other people’s needs and wants. We visit different areas in the curriculum such as the farm and cafes where we learn how to order and pay for food and to make choices.

Independent living 


Our focuses in Independent living are road safety; which includes identifying safe places to cross, including different types of crossings. We are also focusing on identifying bus stops, reading bus timetables and looking out for our stop. Dressing and Undressing independently is something we work on when we are changing for PE and going swimming. Please support us by allowing us to dress as independently as possible. In cooking we make choices of dishes we want to make, we research ingredients and then we shop for them ourselves. In the kitchen we will be practising chopping, spreading, cutting and using appliances such as a toastie maker, oven and microwave. We would love to see any pictures of any independent living at home!

Good health  


WWe are embedding good hygiene; keeping our hands clean for a range of activities. We are learning to make healthy choices and to use the toilet appropriately and independently. We are learning the basics of health and so are encouraged to blow noses in tissues and cover our mouths when coughing.



We are developing our understanding of the outside world and what people do to help us. We want our pupils to have as many experiences as possible so that they can make choices about their likes and dislikes for now and the future. We love visiting new places to explore our hobbies and interests.


If you have any good news stories please email them to and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.

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