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Hello from the Laurel class team!


 We are Laurel  class, this MER we are thinking about us, people who are special to us and our community. We we will be continuing to about those who are special to us and looking at some pupils family and pets photos, if you haven’t already please could you send these to 

We will be doing P.E on Tuesdays please send in a names P.E kit(shorts and t-shirt)l We will also be having weekly swimming lessons on a Wednesday please send in a swimming kit. We will be having weekly visits to coop to purchase our ingredients for cooking on a Friday, please can you send in a container for your child to bring their cooking home in. We will be having weekly Attention Autism sessions where we are developing Stage 4. You can search Gina Davies Attention Autism On youtube to find out more! 



Encourage your child to ask for help when out in the community for example in shops. 

Friends relationships and community  


At home you could share photos with your child of special people, places and memories and ask questions and recall the events. To extend this further you could talk about emotions by asking how they felt or explain how you were feeling during the photo. 


Independent living 


Encourage your child to help make the evening meal, they have developed brilliant spreading and chopping skills at school so why not use them at home aswell. 

Good health  


Encourage your pupil to understand the importance of sun safety, why we need to ear suncream, a hat and drink plenty of fluids. 



Encourage your child to try new things, this could be a food item, visiting a new place or doing a new activity at home.  

If you have any good news stories please email them to and we will be in touch to include you in our weekly community news bulletin.

Please enjoy our class update videos (you will need a school login to view here)