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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Important – Latest Advice to Parents/ Carers regarding CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19)

Coronavirus information

Last updated: Friday 22nd May 2020

Here are two statements with the latest information about the plan to re-open school for more pupils. There is a statement from the local council and a statement from the Headteacher. If you have any questions, please email them to 

Please below the latest statement from Derbyshire County Council:

Following this statement, please see below Brackenfield's response:

To all our Families and Pupils,

Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks. Thank you also for responding promptly to the surveys we have sent out with regards to re-opening the school. We still wait for the government update on 28th May as to whether it is safe for us to begin to increase pupil numbers. You will have received a letter earlier on this week giving details of when it is possible for your child to return to school.

I am sure you are all anxious to know what school will look like for those children who are returning. Below are the adjustments we are making to their routines to ensure that the school is as safe as possible. Government guidance is being updated continuously and so the following is subject to change as and when we get further information.

  • All classes will be classed based, children may initially be grouped with children from other classes as we do not have enough staff available to work full-time as several staff are shielding
  • No dinner in the hall- all classes will family dine with staff in classrooms
  • The school day will be condensed to allow staff to work through their lunch break to support social bubbles
  • Alcohol wipes will be available in all classrooms to wipe equipment
  • All classes will have access to a sink with anti bac soap and hand towels
  • Each classroom will have a lidded bin for disposal of hand towels, waste will be double bagged
  • Class groups will not mix- the pupils will have an allocated slot for outdoor play and equipment will be cleaned down between them
  • Where possible shared resources between pupils will be minimised. Items such as soft toys and fabrics which cannot be easily cleaned will not be available for use. Where possible children will be assigned sets of resources such as stationary
  • Where children cannot socially distance staff will use PPE
  • Where children can socially distance, they will be sat apart from each other within classrooms- if pupils require close support/contact, staff will be wearing PPE
  • Classroom windows and doors will be open where possible to enable free flow of fresh air
  • Class groups will be kept as small as possible
  • Visitors to the school will be limited to essential people only- where possible meetings will occur virtually
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it and handwashing posters will be on display throughout the school
  • Pupils will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently, including when they first arrive at school, when changing activities and before and after meals. Alcohol hand gel will also be available for use
  • Pupils will be encouraged not to touch their faces
  • Pupils will not move round the school and will stay in their allocated room
  • Classes will be assigned toilets to use. No more than one child will use the toilet room at any one time
  • Where possible resources will not be sent home- this includes reading books. Home school diaries will still come home. Parents are encouraged to wash their hands before and after handling any correspondence being sent home
  • As normal there will always be a paediatric first aider, Designated Safeguarding Lead and a member of the leadership team on site whilst school is in session
  • All classrooms will be deep cleaned daily (including all touchable areas- light switches, pegs, tables, door handles)
  • All ICT equipment will be wiped down daily and between users- including smart boards, laptops and ipads
  • Sharing of tablets to be limited; ideally iPad per child and cleaned between pupil use
  • All children will be collected from taxis as normal. For those being dropped off by parents, we ask that parents observe social distancing and also do not come inside the school building. Taxi times may take longer to get children into school as we expect an increase in the number of taxis and want to avoid lots of children getting on/off taxis at the same time to keep the children separate
  • For those children coming back into school- contact methods to home will be home school diaries and Marvellous Me. Parents can also use the email address and ring into school as normal
  • Teaching will focus on PLIs- with an emphasis on re-socialising pupils and their self-care abilities to keep themselves safe
  • Trays/crockery/utensils will be handed to the pupils individually by a member of staff wearing appropriate PPE gloves
  • Soft toys and furnishings are not to be sent in with your child
  • Social stories will be sent home for hand washing and social distancing to support regular reminders
  • Please be reassured that we have worked with the Local Authority to risk assess the site and put in the above mitigating measures.

    I understand that this continues to be a worrying time for all parents, and we will continue to work with you as families to support you and your children. A reminder that school is closed for INSET on Monday 1st June. This time will be used to prepare the school for children returning. When children do return this will be into their new class groups (where possible if staff are not shielding). Information on class groups was sent out in the post this week. Please contact the parents email box if you have not received it.

Trish Turner


Please take a look at the resources we are creating for you to use at home. We have videos from staff, home learning packs and updates from pupils across the school who are working at home. 

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