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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs T Turner


Mrs S Evitts

Deputy Headteacher

Miss J Lacey

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs J Rivers

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs M Ursell

Assistant Headteacher

Miss C Lawrence

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N Collins

School Business Manager

Office Staff

Miss K Maycock

PA to the Head Teacher and Clerk to Governors

Mrs J Smart

School Business Assistant

Mr D Doohan

IT Systems and Network Manager

Mrs S Brailsford

School Business Assistant

Mrs S Jones

School Business Assistant

Miss R Wheat

School Business Assistant

Ms M Chell

School Business Assistant

Mr C Waterhouse


Mrs D Granger


Mr C Farmer

Premises Manager

Pathway Leads

Mrs A Davies

Miss A Breeze

Mr D Conlon

Mr P Csizmadia


Mrs A Latif

Miss R Allbrighton

Mrs F Roberts

Miss C Willatt


Miss L Evans


Mrs R Freely

Miss A Woolley

Miss R Holdway

Mrs S Preece

Mrs L Armstrong


Mr C Evitts

Mr J Hardy

Mrs C Wright

Mr D Peat

Miss M Faulkner

Miss L Hitchcock

Miss E Hodgkin

Specialist Teaching and Learning Assistants

Miss S Remon

Miss K Marshall

Miss M Arnold

Miss H Cording

Mr D Nye

Miss R Ghent

Miss L Stokes

Miss A Cusick

Miss N Paley

Miss A Askew

Miss S Rose

Miss L Mason

Miss E Cosford

Mrs A Gupta

Mrs Z McCormack

Miss I McMahon

Miss S Chester

Miss E Deighton

Miss H Rice

Miss K Sharman

Miss O Shaw

Miss M Jackson

Miss M Lovejoy

Mrs R Brear

Miss A Fox

Mrs S Smith

Miss S Lees

Mrs D Ross

Miss N Odell

Mrs J Spurr

Miss E Thompson

Mrs P Boswell

Mrs S Wrigley

Mrs R Clifford

Miss R Somerfield

Mrs N Wileman

Miss M Leyland

Mrs L Brown

Mrs K Parry

Miss E Oakley

Miss S Collins

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Wright

Miss C Fox

Miss A Gillott

Miss L Hine

Miss I Bienias

Miss J Smith

Mrs C Foster

Miss H Allen

Mr T Okeowo

Mrs K Matthews

Miss F Thomas

Miss L Geary

Miss K Ault

Miss R Bettinson

Miss H Light

Miss S Kaur

Pastoral Care

Mick Gayle

Head of Pastoral Care

Miss N King

Family Support Admin

Mrs F Ross

Family Support Worker

Miss J Kearns

Family Support Worker

Miss A M Dovey

Family Support Worker

Mrs E Happie

Health and Personal Care Manager

Mrs H Harvey-Smyth

Health and Personal Care Assistant

Mrs L Corrigan

Health and Personal Care Assistant

Miss K Farmer

Health and Personal Care Assistant

Mrs M Norris

Health and Personal Care Assistant

Miss C Edwards

Health and Personal Care Assistant

Mrs H Diggle

Employment Coordinator

Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Dexter

Miss C Gough

Ms C McLennon

Miss A Paul