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Yew is a lively class made up of 6 pupils, 1 female and 5 male. There are 3 year 11 pupils and 4 year 10 pupils.

Pupils usually show respect and care for one another, despite pupils having a variety of complex needs and having the potential to experience difficulties with one another.

Yew are an AIMs entry level 3 class, National curriculum level 1-3 and are capable of undertaking Entry Level Qualifications but require support with functional literacy and life skills.

Tutor based time is a time to share experiences outside school with other members of Yew class, discuss issues that may have arisen the previous day and be reminded of expectations for the day. Yew class make their own drinks and toast in the morning. The pupils enjoy having this time to share and respond well to staff who listen carefully and respond appropriately sharing their experiences to. 

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