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Conkers is communication class. The class consists of 4 pupils, 2 girls and 2 boys, ranging in age from 5-8 years. Lessons are taught in a class room which has an area dedicated to meet the pupils’ sensory needs. All lessons are differentiated to meet each individual pupil’s learning level.

A key focus within class is encouraging and improving pupils’ communication skills. We use a range of strategies and resources to promote communication including Makaton signing, singing, Communication in Print signs and symbols and visuals of real objects/people/events as part of a Picture Exchange Communication system (PECs).

Within class we encourage pupils to communicate verbally with staff and peers. Teaching includes the use of signing and Communication in Print to enhance pupils learning and communication experience.

Personalised learning objectives are used for all pupils and work is differentiated accordingly. The pupils enjoy weekly swimming lessons, enrichment activities and sensory play experiences.

The Conker’s class is a happy, fun place to be where children enjoy both learning and socialising together.

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